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Why do we support youth? Mike Collingwood was the first President of the Rotary Club of the Weald of Kent when it was established in 1975. And the Mike Collingwood Memorial Fund (MCMF) was established in memory of Mike’s commitment to young people. He believed strongly in supporting young people in their efforts to broaden their horizons and better themselves both educationally and vocationally.

How do we offer support? By providing grants or equipment to help young people undertaking educational and personal challenges both at home and overseas. Applicants should use the following link to apply

What sort of thing do we support? We might support you participating in an overseas trip, or attaining excellence in a particular sport or chosen vocation. The list of activities which the MCMF will support is very wide and each application for assistance is considered on an individual basis. Recent examples include helping a potential Olympic yachtsman, and a young lady who trained at the Royal Ballet, as well as supporting scouts on a world jamboree. However, the project or trip should be undertaken within a year of the application being made.

"In 2015 I had the opportunity, through my school, to travel to Borneo with Camps international.  I contacted the Rotary club to see if I would be eligible for funding from the Mike Collingwood Memorial Fund when I started my fundraising. I was lucky enough to be accepted and completed my 4-week trip to Borneo where we taught English to the locals, rebuilt a damaged access bridge, built a school, and helped to strengthen their ecosystem by planting trees. We were also lucky enough to visit the Sun bear and Orangutan sanctuary. From the trip I made many new friends, who I am still in contact with 5 years later as well as learning new skills, and languages, and I now have great memories to look back on. Without the grant from the Mike Collingwood Memorial fund it would have been difficult to raise the necessary money needed to go. When I came back, I gave a presentation on my trip as a way of saying thank you to the members of the rotary club and show them what I was able to achieve with the money I was granted".

- Miranda Bird

Where do we operate? The MCMF will make a contribution to applicants who live within a 20 mile radius of the “Who’d a Thought It” at Grafty Green, which is where the Rotary Club of the Weald of Kent is based.

See the area we cover

When are applications open? Applications are invited each year, generally in October and March, and will be considered by the Fund’s Awards Committee in November and April. Only one application per person per year is accepted and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications shortly after the Awards Committee has reached its decisions. Time- sensitive applications will be considered exceptionally.

“the 'leg up' the award gave me in reaching my fund-raising goal, made the dream of visiting our partner school in Ghana a possibility. After that the grass-cutting for neighbours, babysitting and doing a readathon seemed less daunting. I still message my Ghanaian class mates now, 5 years later.”

Nina Lewis, Oakwood Park Grammar School, Maidstone

Small Print

  • The Fund has only a limited amount available for distribution each year and cannot generally cover the entire amount of funding required for any particular project or challenge, but will consider making a contribution towards the costs.  The applicant is then expected to raise the balance of any funds required. 

  • Any awards given will be subject to the applicant achieving or raising the balance of the amount of funds required to undertake the project or trip and verification of this will be requested before Awards cheques are issued.

  • The Trustees regret that they are not able to assist with recurring costs such as university fees.

  • Successful applicants will be invited to come and talk to the Club about their experience once it has taken place.
Postal applications should be sent to: 
Ken Townsend,
Delmede, North St,
Sutton Valence, Kent.
ME17 3HU

For further information please contact Ken on 07883 097811  or by email at

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