The Weald Of Kent Rotary Club


The Rotary Club of the Weald of Kent (the Club) derives these Statement from the RIBI guidelines amended to be Club specific.


The Club acknowledges that it has a responsibility to ensure that it needs to plan and organise all Rotary activities and events in a safe manner. The Club is committed to ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to safeguard the participants, members of the public, volunteers, Rotarians and anyone who may be in the vicinity of a Club event or activity from risk of injury or ill health resulting directly or indirectly from that activity or event.

The Club is committed to:

Promoting and encouraging development of safe practice as the normal acceptable standard for all Club events and activities. Developing and encouraging communications between members of the Club in order to develop the exchange of ideas and to promote best practice relating to Health & Safety. The overall responsibility for safety at any Club event or activity lies with the Club Council in accordance with all current legislation, including the Health and Safety etc Act 1974. The Club has appointed a Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with Health and Safety, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, safety matters, and statutory reporting.


The Club acknowledges that it has a responsibility to ensure the welfare of vulnerable adults and children in that they will be safeguarded from all forms of abuse, identifying instances of abuse and dealing with such instances promptly and effectively. This duty includes reporting an incident to the appropriate Authority and cooperating fully with that Authority.


The club aims to provide an environment where equality and diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated, as defined as “Protected Characteristics” under the Equality Act 2010.


The Club holds data on a database comprising your personal details for the purpose of informing you of details of events which we organise and to enable you register to take part. The data comprises your name, address, telephone numbers and email address, together with the name of any Sponsoring Body you may associated with. In addition, for sponsored events, we hold a note of amounts due from you as pledged until 1) the total amount has been paid to us, less any deduction relating to your own nominated charity and 2) the amount of Gift Aid has been received from HMRC, under the Gift Aid Declaration made by you. Thereafter, the data will be deleted once all HMRC rules have been satisfied.

Under the Mike Collingwood Memorial Fund we hold additional data relating to the activity for which you have applied for a grant and the Sponsoring Body (if applicable) until the amount of any grant awarded has been paid. Thereafter, the data will be removed. Paper files will be held securely for one year after any grant has been made to enable us to deal with any relevant enquiries from you, or any party authorised by you to receive the information. Thereafter your file will be destroyed securely.

The data will never be shared with any third party, will be held securely in protected media, and then only for as long as you remain in contact with us.

If you require any further information, please contact the Club Secretary

You can unsubscribe at any time by using the “unsubscribe” link shown on emails sent to you. If there is no link then please ask the author delete your data.



Here insert the Risk Assessment for each appropriate event (eg North Downs Walk) one month prior to event date

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